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Customer Testimonials

We Often Pray for God’s Gift, but God’s gift has been manifested to us through the life of this great daughter of Zion, Osayi Emokpae!! She is an inspiration to our generation today. Her book (Impossible is Stupid) will inspire, challenge, motivate and catapult you to another level. It will help you see your true self in the mirror, and challenge you to begin to take the necessary steps in God’s direction as you unveil your true worth, and discover your true purpose; not just as a woman who has been through ups and downs in relationships, but as a child of God.

Woman thou art loosed, for truly Impossible is Stupid.

A dynamic book! One of a Kind!! A must Read!!!


Abies Adeyeri

Impossible is Stupid is honest, straight-forward, and easy to read for folks like me that don’t read much. I could see myself gifting a book like this to a few people I know..

Mia Jones – Cre3sol

Impossible is Stupid has been an added blessing in my life. I wish there was an android application and screensaver. What I like most is that each “beatitude”
works without reading the paragraph that follows it, though you do want to read that. Thanks for your work.t.

Dege Vernet

This book is a must read for every woman! Impossible
is stupid when you make the seemingly impossible
issues in life possible!t.

Itohan Osayi

Funny, down to earth, practical and illuminating, the book will not only get you thinking but also acting. Although written primarily for women, any man reading
it will obtain many useful hints on enhancing their relationship with the woman in their life.

Ayo Adebamowo – A life of impact

My favorite chapter is 22 (stop cussin’ yourself) This chapter really makes me cringe because I curse a lot when I’m angry and I never thought about how the words we use affect us more than the person we are using them on. It really makes me think twice about just shutting my mouth & not saying a word when I’m angry because if that’s what it will take to make me better then amen to me!!.

Velia Ronquillo-Auk – Colorful Sweets