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The MoneyMaking at Home Podcast Guest is Shade Y. Adu

In this Podcast Shade talks to us about:
– What exactly is your brand
– Why you should be concerned about branding
– What are three mistakes most organizations make today
– What we can do today to improve our brand
– How we can learn from other experts easily
– Why you should be learning from best practices 

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About Shade

Shadé Y. Adu, a personal brand strategist, international speaker, bestselling author, and founder of Savvy Solutions Consulting, LLC. Shade helps women entrepreneurs use the power of social media and live streaming to brand, build, and monetize digital programs, products, and services. Shadé has been featured in Hello Beautiful, Black Enterprise, The Network Journal, and the Rachel Ray Show. Shadé has spoken at and facilitated numerous workshops in Kazakhstan, Ghana, and universities, high schools, and institutions throughout the United States. 

In addition to being a full-time entrepreneur, Shadé is a full-time doctoral student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the recipient of the prestigious Gates Millennium Scholarship. Shadé attributes her success to a network of mentors and spiritual favor. With a sincere passion for her line of work and a tenacious drive to succeed, Shadé  is sure to make even more colossal changes in the world around her.

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