(12) Embrace the longing – Beat Loneliness | 57 Ways

TWELVE. (57 Ways to Beat Loneliness & Depression)

Embrace the Longing

As women, we often think that we should not long for (ahem) companionship. We think that good women who have given their lives to God and have committed themselves to serving God and have called God the lover of their souls should not feel that kind of desire.

Of course it’s okay for men to long for (ahem) companionship. But women, No! Not virtuous women anyway…That’s wrong. As long as we are human beings we will always long for intimacy, it’s important to learn to embrace this longing. The important thing is that we use this longing for good. We protect our desires and use it for the right purpose – Within the confines of committed relationship (AKA Marriage).

There is nothing wrong with longing for intimacy. Embrace it, but don’t set yourself up to fail, by putting yourself in compromising situations.

Remember life is meant to be ravished not barely lived.

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