12 – It's all his fault

hey y’all – It’s time for a new series, that I plan to turn into a book… We would like to talk about relationship fallacies that are ruining our relationships, and how we can fix them… I’m still working on a title, so if you have any suggestions I would appreciate it :-).

This is a series on relationship fallacies for the rest of the series, please click here.

Oh and a quick shout out to my hero, my darling husband, today is his birthday. 🙂 I will send your greetings.

Fallacy #12 – It’s all his fault

I was chatting with a friend online and she told me about a guy she was dating…how he did this, and he did that…how he wasn’t very kind, and he wasn’t very this or very that, and how because of him the relationship didn’t work. I just shook my head and tried to explain to her that relationship problems are not usually one sided…

See it’s easy to want to find blame for something. It’s easy to want to feel like if not for them, we would be happy, but the truth is that no one can keep you from being happy. No matter the situation, there is rarely a relationship where you don’t find more than one culprit…

It may be easier to just say that it’s all his fault, but in the long run, it’s better for you to realize that since you can’t control him, you can only control what you bring to the relationship…and if you bring the best into the relationship and he doesn’t appreciate that, it’s okay for you to seek other options (specifically when you’re not married). And when you’re married, it’s okay to realize that no one is perfect – including you… so whatever the trouble is, it’s a combination of the two of you, and if the two of you are willing, you can find a solution to any challenge together…

And “together” is always better!

What do you think? Why do you think we like to blame others for our challenges? What would you say to a friend going through a similar experience?

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