(19) Observe Nature – Beat loneliness | 57 Ways

NINETEEN. (57 Ways to Beat Loneliness & Depression)

Observe Nature

There is a state park close to my house, and I love going there and walking around, observing the beauty of nature. I could live in that park! (too bad we get kicked out of the park by sunset). The green is so lush and green and serene and calm and beautiful. The insects crawl around looking for food, while the birds chirp peacefully…and the water trickles quietly through the little water ways all around the park…

There is something about the calming effect of nature. Go to a park today and just walk around. Observe the beauty of everything. Forget about time and all the concerns of your life, and just enjoy the beauty. You will be surprised at how refreshed and invigorated you feel after time spent in nature.

Remember life is meant to be thrilling, not mundane.

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