TWENTY (57 Ways to Beat Loneliness & Depression)

Keep your word

In the past few weeks I have had to disappoint a few of my dear friends because I hadn’t planned well. I had to miss their graduations (and a wedding), and although I was devastated, I knew that they would forgive me because I do not usually go back on my word. I felt horrible, I hate not keeping my word…

There is something about a person who keeps their word no matter how much of an inconvenience it is for them. When you break your word you inconvenience other people and you deplete the trust out of the relationships you have. When people don’t trust you, they don’t want to be around you, and they try to avoid inconveniencing themselves for you (since they never quite know if you will keep your word).

Keep your word, keep your friends.

Remember life is meant to be celebrated, not merely survived.

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