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TWENTY-ONE (57 Ways to Beat Loneliness & Depression)


If life wasn’t happening to us, we would spend so much time laughing at all the crazy things we experience. I remember one time when the folks at my job were trying to get a guy to move from one cubicle to another. They sent him an email, then another email. Then a lady came in to ask him if he had gotten the email, then a man came to ask him, then another lady brought the items for the person who would be taking over the cubicle and started placing the items on the desk, without saying anything to him. Then another guy came in to ask if he had gotten the email – all within a matter of minutes….we all looked on and wondered what was going on. By the time the guy finally got all his stuff and moved out of the cubicle he looked a little shocked, while the rest of us just laughed and shook our heads…

Laughter is good medicine, it is God’s gift to us to remind us that things can always get better. Many people have realized how powerful laughter can be and have even started laughter clubs. Whether you join a club or not, the important thing is learning to laugh at situations, at yourself, at life, because after all “he who laughs last (and first), laughs best”

Remember life is meant to be delightful, not miserable.

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