(23) End Bad Habits – Beat Loneliness | 57 Ways

TWENTY-THREE (57 Ways to Beat Loneliness & Depression)

End Bad Habits

Bad habits come in many different categories; bad habits that cost us money, bad habits that cost us relationships, bad habits that steal our time, bad habits that steal our youth, bad habits that fill us with regrets, bad habits that embarass us…and the list goes on.

The thing about habits is that the only person that can stop a bad habit is me. It doesn’t matter how much others try to force me or convince me or help me. The only person that can make the decision and make the change is me.

Bad habits drain us of our self respect, and of things that matter most to us. You know your bad habits. Pick one, and choose to end it. Give your self a month or so of replacing one bad habit with a good habit, and you will be surprised how refreshed you feel when you realize that you no longer have the urge to continue the bad habit.

Remember life is meant to be lived freely, not burdened by bad habits.

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