TWENTY-SIX (57 Ways to Beat Loneliness & Depression)

Forget what you think people are thinking (about you)

We spend so much time worrying about what other people are thinking about us. The funny thing is that we are all so busy thinking about our own lives that we barely have time to think about and acknowledge the existence of other people around us. So when you find yourself wondering what people are thinking of you, realize that they are probably not even thinking of you at all.

Yes you may have made a mistake, and you feel like you will never live it down. Don’t worry about it, most people have already forgotten about it, while the rest of them probably don’t really care about your mistakes.

We all have busy lives, and fortunately (or unfortunately) for you, we are all a little selfish, so if it does not concern us, we don’t spend to much time thinking about it. When you find yourself wondering…”I wonder what he is thinking about me,” or I wonder what she is thinking about me”… forget it, they are most likely not even thinking about you.

Remember life is meant to be enjoyed!

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