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FIFTY-FIVE (57 Ways to Beat Loneliness & Depression)

The Feminist Lie

When I was in undergrad I took a class on Women’s studies. I learned that men were the source of all my problems. I learned that men created painful stilletos and then told me I had to wear them to get their attention. I learned that men took all the high-paying jobs and then left me to suffer with the low-wage-demoralizing jobs.

Then I went home and watched TV shows that showed me that not only were men nasty bullies but they were also so stupid that they needed their witty and vivacious wives (or mothers) to save their butts before the end of each episode.

Then I would listen to the songs on the radio that told me how I needed to be an independent woman who could take care of herself and had absolutely no need for a man, and therefore would be foolish to desire a man. Because after all, every single man out there was a two-timing-no-good-pervert who was just waiting to be caught.

Then I would watch movies about how wise and mature women were more open with their sexuality and would sleep with whomever (or whatever) they were attracted to whenever they were attracted to them. And how those who were sexual prudes were just immature ignorant little girls who needed to be laughed at and mocked.

So being the not-easily-influenced adult that I was, I gladly accepted the feminist lie.

The truth is women need men, we are neither superior nor inferior to men. We are better at some things and worse at somethings. Mature people take the hard road and choose to delay quick gratification for true love.

Don’t believe the feminist lie, read the Bible and learn about true womanhood.

Remember life is only lived once.

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