(10) Stop having sex – Beat loneliness | 57 Ways

TEN.  (57 Ways to  Beat Loneliness & Depression)

Stop having sex. (if you’re not married)

There is nothing on this side of death (so I’m told) that is as pleasurable as sex. It feels great, it makes you feel connected, it relieves stress…it’s an all around good time. The thing about sex is that it connects you with whoever you are sleeping with. So that it doesn’t matter whether they are right for you or not, you become blinded to their faults and the incompatibilities between the two of you.

There is a kind of hurt you feel after you break up with someone, but there is a different kind of hurt (heart-shattering-life-changing-overwhelmingly-devastating hurt) when you break up with someone you’ve had sex with.

It hurts every time. Yes you may be able to numb yourself after a while, but that only leads to dysfunctional relationships in the future. So if you’re not married, stop having sex (If you are married…obviously this does not apply to you).

Remember life is meant to be enjoyed, not  regretted.

So what are some other reasons why unmarried people should stop having sex?

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