Book Review: Life Application Study Bible Devotional |

I love daily devotionals. I grew up reading Topz and YPs until…well…let’s just say I never stopped…

I love that someone took time out of their busy schedules to figure out a way to help me spend time with God. Once I get that taste of how good God is, once I get to spend five minutes with God with a devotional, I know I need more, and I just have to have more.

This is what the Life Application Study Bible Devotional* does to me. It encourages me to spend just five minutes with Jesus, but then I find myself spending even more time learning and enjoying his word. It is very insightful, and it takes you on a journey with Jesus, that you probably were too intimidated to begin. I like that they broke down complex language and made it simple for someone to just read and understand.

Each day you have a section of scripture, a section for “getting personal” and a section for “talking to God.” The getting personal sections helps you to ask questions of yourself to see if you really understand, and to see where you can learn to do things better.

Is this devotional a full meal? No it’s more like an appetizer. Will it dramatically change your life? Probably yes, if you use it as a stepping stone. Would I recommend it? Yes, it will definitely bring some clarity.

(fyi: be careful were you place this book because the picture on the cover may have you seriously craving moist, fresh, just-baked, mouth-watering bread… I’m just sayin’)

*Tyndale provided me with a free copy of the Life Application Study Bible Devotional to review

You can purchase the book here.