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Just when I thought I’d heard it all, I discovered Mauritania

So apparently in Mauritania they prefer women that are fat, and women that have stretch marks are even more appealing…to the extent that people send off their girls to “fat camps” so that they can be fattened up…


Fat Camp

Men say they like “fat” women, and those married to women who are not fat complain all the time that they are tired of having to lie next to “skin and bones.”

Skinny women are dying from taking pills that help them to have an appetite, but the side-effects are killing them. Fat women are afraid to lose weight even though they feel unhealthy, wheeze when they walk, and have other physical ailments…they are afraid because they don’t want to stop being unattractive…

Is it just me, or does the devil really know how to use our vanity to just mess us up??

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During this Christmas season, don’t focus on anyone’s ideal look…focus on health, focus on the person God called you to be, focus on enjoying life!

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