So I was thinking the other day, and it brought me to tears.

In 1 john 3:2 it talks about that when we finally see Christ, we shall be like him. I don’t believe that we will all look exactly like Jesus, but we will be like him in the perfect bodies that God created for us to have. We will no longer be too fat or too skinny, too old or too young, too tall or too short…we will just be perfect…

All the scars on our bodies will be gone, our skins will glow perfectly, our postures will be perfect, there will be no wrinkles no grey hairs. Even the hair on our bodies will be transformed…the same hair that we have chemically treated so that we could get this texture or that color…oh but when we see him, our minds will be perfect, and our bodies will be perfect…and we will fall in love with God again…and appreciate the beauty of our bodies…

Because when we see him, we shall be like him (1 john 3:2)


(p.s. to the extent we see him here on this earth…to the same extent we will become like him)

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