Hey Everyone,
How have you all been doing? I know I’ve been MIA, but as you know, life gets busy sometimes. I promised to write this some time ago, so I just wanted to pop up and quickly share some tips.
Some of my favorite websites for free educational information for kids are below:

  1. Teacherspayteachers.com – of course by the name you can tell that it’s paid, but they have all sorts of free resources, all you have to do is select “free” and pick the age group you’re trying to target. I especially like their math products.
  2. Progressivephonics.com – This website has FREE that’s right FREE resources to teach phonics for young ones. I was shocked when I found it, and proceeded to quickly download everything I could, just in case they changed their minds, but so far, they have not – it’s still free.
  3. Coolmomtech – If you’re looking for tech advice that would be age-appropriate for your child, then coolmomtech is the place to go. I learn something new every time I get an email from them.
  4. StoryNory – This website is great for providing more and more and more stories for your little ones – these include written as well as audio stories. You never have to run out of stories, but I guess if your little one is in love with a story, you’ll have to keep repeating it, but while you’re looking for stories – storynory is there for you. (They also have math lessons).
  5. PreKinders – They are all about the Pre-K young ones. They have things for Mathematics, English etc. Many of the items are free. I’m a math afficionado, so I’m all about Math, but you can try so many things.
  6. Bonus – Bookbub – for those of you with an ereader, you can subscribe to bookbub and you can get updates on free or discounted books, and if you desire books that are just for children, then you will state that when you sign up.
  7. Bonus 2 – What’s In the Bible – For those of you that are Christians What’s in the Bible is a series of DVDs that take kids on a journey from Genesis to revelations in the most interesting way. The DVDs are not free, but when you join the ENewsletter, they send regular emails with free coloring pages, memory verses etc.
  8. Bonus 3 – RedTricycle – Sometimes you just need activity ideas, and RedTricycle is a great place to go. Some of the activities are specific to certain countries, while some of the activities are something that anyone anywhere can do.

So there you go, my five eight suggestions. What are your thoughts? Do you have other websites that you frequent to help your kids learn?

story nory


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