God is not behind every 'good deal': Managing God's Money – Book Review

Randy Alcorn has done it again!

What did he do again? Well I’m not sure, but it sounded like a good way to start this book review…anyway I digress. I really wanted to dislike this book*, since it talked sooooooo much about how the money we have is God’s money. I agreed with him by the first page, and kept agreeing until he kept beating me on the head with it that I had to put the book down and postpone reading for another time…so I picked it up many months later, and guess what I loved it!

So of course I skipped many chapters of the book, and if you have to skip a few chapters of the book, that’s okay, but for only $5.99 the advice in this book is definitely worth much more than you pay. If you only read the chapter about teaching your kids about money (Inheritance or Heritage: What to leave behind and What to send ahead), then the book has done it’s job.

I disagreed with a few minor things, but the wisdom gained from this book, cannot be overemphasized…I wonder if it’s because the book is based on Biblical principles…anyway the book talks about tithing, dealing with debt, living a strategic lifestyle, trusting God with everything….

But most importantly remembering that “God is not behind every good deal” so stop making yourself miserable by going into debt!

Definitely check out the book – it’s a small book jam-packed with nuggets of wisdom!

* Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a free copy to review.