The debate still rages over whether Christians should or should not celebrate halloween.

I don’t have any children, so I don’t know if I’m the person to settle the debate…

For those who are looking for halloween costumes for their children, without having to sort through the “skanky maid” outfits, I have a few suggestions

  1. Biblical characters – I mean seriously you can’t go wrong here. Give your son a beard and a dress, and he’s set.
  2. Miracles in the Bible – Bread and fish, need I continue.
  3. Clergy – You know you’re envisioning your child in ministry, now is the time to show everyone how amazing your child will look as a priest.
  4. Cartoons – Veggietales? c’mon…you get my drift.
  5. Professional Careers – Well hey they have to face up to the real world some time
If you need some help with costumes, check out the store.