I need people, yes I need you

A couple weeks ago we went to the state fair, and my 1 year old niece had a blast! The only problem was that when we got there we realized that we had forgotten to bring the stroller, and going back home was just not an option. Now for all those who have the privilege of hanging out with a walking toddler you all know that these little people love to walk…yes they can walk for miles and miles…in a circle…or they could walk a few feet and decide they would like to be picked up…and you just never know what mood they would be in. Well the dilemma was that picking up my niece the entire time could have ended up being a crazy ordeal, so what were we to do…two options stay at the fair and have a miserable time because we are all tired picking up the child, or go back home get the stroller, get back in that crazy traffic to come back to the fair…yeah we did not like either of the options…

But my genius sister in-law came up with an even greater option. She called, and sent texts to the people she knew had strollers and would be at the fair, and she found someone who planned on leaving the fair before we did, who would let us borrow their stroller! If it were up to me I would have just trudged on, taught my niece to “endure hardness”…and when she screamed I would have picked her up and learned to “endure hardness like a soldier”…but all that pain would have been unnecessary.

Don’t get me wrong, God is most important, but he created us for community. However, I am really starting to learn how much I really need people, especially because God has blessed me with some really great people in my life…I bet if you looked around you will find that there are some really great people in your life that you have overlooked…yes you may succeed if you do it all by yourself, but you will never be quite as great as you ought to…and the road will be unnecessarily tougher!

Why not do something this week that you have never done before…when you have a problem ask someone you trust for help, they will willingly and joyfully give it to you. And when you don’t have a problem let those people in your life know how much you appreciate them.

Remember as a man thinks in his heart so is he…so if you think you have to do everything by yourself, then you do. But if you think that you would rather live a more enjoyable life and enjoy the people in your life, then you will.

Have a great day my dear!