I wish I had a bigger butt | iyasostuff.com

Bigger ButtĀ 

This is a man.

This is a transgender man.

This is a transgender man who wanted a bigger butt.

This is what this transgender man did to get a bigger butt. ( inserted “a solution made of cement, superglue, mineral oil, and Fix-A-Flat tire mender”)

Please don’t look at him and wonder how he could be so dumb, because he’s not so different from you or me. We do it everyday, looking for ways to be perfect. discontent with life, upset at imperfection.

If we don’t learn to be contented we will end up like him, or him, or even worse – like her.

Go back, look at his face, pray for him that people will show him God’s love…and pray for us all too…because we’re all just one decision away from…this.

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