So I’m sitting here directly in front of the fan. It’s gotten cooler since the sun set. I would rather be in front of the Airconditioner, but since PHCN (our electricity company in Nigeria) has refused to grace us with their presence, and our generator can only power our fans, I’m working with what I’ve got…

The generators behind me are deafening. and I’m not sure if our generator is competing with the neighbor’s generator to see who can be louder… all I can say is that both of them are winning… I wonder what made me leave the land of milk and honey… the good ole U.S. of A, and whether I will ever get over missing the life I used to live…

To my immediate left, my best friend is typing away on his laptop. He has a project he needs to finish tonight, so I’m doing my best not to disturb him. I take quick glances at him, so he doesn’t notice and start asking me “what’s up?” in that way that means “I know you’re up to something, don’t make me have to squeeze it out of you.” I have to take quick glances, because I can’t believe how lucky I am…

yeah… Five years ago if you told me this is where I would be, I would tell you “heck no!” Five years ago, I was going to be the biggest baddest lawyer you ever met. Five years ago if you told me that cleaning up the house would be one of my most favorite things to do I would have rebuked you… but yet here I am doing all these things, becoming this person, and you know what I realized…I’m really and truly happy.

So yeah life doesn’t always turn out the way you want it to… but I’m glad it turns out just right.


***Happy Independence day! Nigeria – Good things are happening 🙂

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