Why love has to be audacious

Audacity, Audacious – I love those words. They connote boldness and courage, in spite of fear – That is love.

When my husband proposed to me, he waited until the end of announcements on Sunday morning, called me up to the church, in front of everyone in church at that time, got on his knees and proposed. We had talked about marriage, so I wasn’t surprised that he would propose, but proposing in our church had never been done before – it was audacious.

I could have said no, the church body could have scolded him for doing it in church, people could have criticized him for being so public, but he chose to be public, risk rejection, and let the whole world know that he was as crazy for me as I was for him – and of course I married him.

When Jesus came into the world, the plan was audacious. Even though he was God, he chose to bring himself down, put a skin over himself so he could feel all our pain, rejection, fear of humiliation, insecurities, etc – just so that he could show us how much we were worth to him. So many rejected him then, and so many still do, but he didn’t mind – his love was much bigger than the fear of rejection – he was audacious!

When I think of audacious love, I am reminded of things my parents have done for me, risking their lives, their reputation, just to make sure that their children are educated and healthy. It hasn’t always been easy, but they did it all out of love.

And then I think of the guy I once dated, who was never comfortable with calling me his girlfriend… the one who wanted me to hang out with him, but would always talk about not wanting to commit… he never said he loved me… but he didn’t have to say it, I knew he didn’t love me…

So today, I want you to think about that guy, that special guy in your life, the one you feel you can’t live without, the one that says he loves you… yeah him… think about him- is he bold in his love for you? Can he boldly tell people you’re his woman? Will he boldly do things, he would usually never do, just because he loves you?

If not- that’s not love – because true love has to be audacious.

It’s time to smile, smile, smile 🙂

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