One of the challenges with being an online entrepreneur is learning not to take things too personally.

And one of the most painful things that you can experience is doing all the work to attract people to your awesomeness, giving them access to your awesome freebie, only for them to turn around and unsubscribe.

I know, I know…how dare they!

Well it happens, and that’s okay.

There are so many reasons why people unsubscribe:

  1. They could be having a bad day
  2. Maybe they don’t think you can solve their problems
  3. Maybe they accidentally clicked the link
  4. They could be jealous that you’re having a fabulous life
  5. They might be confused
  6. Maybe they don’t even remember subscribing.

Whatever the reason may be, don’t take it personally, you’re not a failure, it’s all a learning experience.

My recommendations for dealing with unsubscription

  1. Try try try not to take it personally
  2. Have an autoresponder that gives them a thoughtful parting message
  3. In your unsubscribe link, remind them of how they joint your list.

And whatever you do…remember that you’re not a failure.

How do you deal with unsubscribers?

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