I was watching this movie over the weekend. There was this pill that when you took it, you were able to see things more clearly, and focus and come up with solutions. Things didn’t look so bad once you took the pill because all of a sudden there was hope, and you could see ways to get out of any and every solution that bothered you. Even if I could remember the name of the movie, I wouldn’t tell you because there were some graphic sexual scenes, and I had to avert my eyes since I wouldn’t go into anyone’s bedroom to watch them sleeping together, so I have no interest in watching it on TV either. And there was also quite a bit of gore and violence. But aside from all that other embellishment, the idea of the movie was pretty interesting…

you open my eyes to your wonders anew…

Sometimes when I feel down, it seems to me that I’m not seeing things clearly, I’m not truly understanding what is going on, I’m focusing on the wrong thing. Lately I’ve been praying “Open my eyes to your wonders anew Lord, open my eyes” because I know God stays the same, and God always wants good things for me, so anything else that may be bothering me has to be because I’m not seeing things clearly. Lately I’ve been seeing glimpses of God all around me – in the skies, in kind gestures, in people’s smiles, in the beauty of nature – it reminds me that no matter what I’m going through, there is so much more to this life.

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