There’s enough space in the sky for all the birds that want to fly, and all the stars that want to shine, and there’s enough space at the top for the people that are willing to do the work.

I’m often amazed at how quickly we hoard information, or try to jeopardize other people’s successes because we think that will make us more successful than others. But what I see time and time again is that it’s the generous people that have all around success, while the stingy people continue looking for more and are never quite satisfied.

No matter what your desire is, remember that it is the givers that continue getting, not the grabbers. And remember that you can accomplish almost anything, if you’re willing to do the work, and persevere during the not so fabulous times.

There’s enough space for you, me, and everybody else… in fact… we would all be in a better position if more of us were successful.

Flying Birds
Flying Birds

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