TV will suck all the creativity out of you

My pastor in Philadelphia always used to talk about how the TV will take away your creativity (Praise God for Pastor Stevens at Harvest Time Christian Fellowship), and he is sooo right. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against TV, it’s always great to see what other people have created, and how they are making their millions. But the emphasis is on “other people.” Do you realize how many great ideas are inside of you that you never give a chance to come out? Do you realize that after a while everything you say or do is based on something that you watched on TV? Do you realize that the statistics show that more successful people read more books? Do you realize that you can get educated on any subject that you are interested in for free online now (yes that’s right I said it- FREE)?

Why don’t you do something this week that you have never done before…decide to take one hour out of your TV watching schedule and read a book (I can even give suggestions if you would like). Or for those of you that are extreme, take a day off (from watching TV) this week and read a book or sit down quietly and just come up with ideas of things you would like to do, or changes you would like to see in your life in the next five years.

Remember that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he…so if you think that you are too busy or tired to invest in your future, then you are. But if you think that you are special and you are worth much more time and investment, then you are.

Have a great week my dear!