I’ve been thinking a lot lately about stealing. It’s easy to say that we are all innately wicked, and that is why we steal, but I’ve been wondering…

Some say it’s because of poverty, but I know people raised poor who don’t steal. They may have stolen when they were younger, but for whatever reason no longer choose to steal.

Some say it’s because they were raised not to steal, but I know people raised not to steal – perhaps even pastors’ kids, who steal at the drop of a hat.

The only reason I can conclude with would be a lack of fear of God. And by fear, I’m not talking about trembling and afraid. I’m talking about realizing that our decisions mean something to God, and that God cares about what we do, and that there are consequences for every action.

People steal, and they will continue to, until the end of time, I just wish we understood this urge more, and were able to help people to choose a better choice – a choice that is less harmful, and more beneficial to society in general.

Why do you think people steal?

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