The Parenting Coach

Osayi Lasisi is a devoted mother of two and a passionate parenting coach who created the “Connect to Influence” parenting method. She specializes in helping parents build deep, empathetic connections with their children to positively influence their development. You can sign up for her weekly newsletter, full of effective parenting strategies, at

The Marketer

Osayi Lasisi – Marketing Strategist

Osayi Lasisi is a seasoned data-driven marketing strategist with over 12 years of experience driving growth for B2B, B2C, and SaaS companies. Passionate about leveraging strategy and technology, Osayi excels in growth marketing and demand generation, helping businesses scale and thrive in competitive markets. Her data-driven approach ensures that every strategy is backed by solid analytics, providing actionable insights that lead to measurable results.

Osayi’s extensive experience includes leading cross-functional teams, where she has consistently delivered innovative solutions and strategic insights to fuel business expansion. Her leadership style is characterized by a collaborative and visionary approach, inspiring teams to achieve their best and driving projects to successful completion. Osayi’s ability to integrate cutting-edge marketing technologies with strategic initiatives has made her a trusted leader in the industry.

Osayi is also a sought-after speaker, having shared her expertise at numerous prestigious events including Social Media Week, IBM Techconnect, Eduweb Conference, She Leads Africa, TechLadies Webinar, Course Launch Summit, Eminent Women Conference, Leap Africa, and AFFCON. Her presentations are known for their insightful, data-driven content and practical takeaways, making her a favorite among event organizers and attendees alike.

Committed to staying at the forefront of marketing technology, Osayi empowers organizations to harness the power of modern tools and techniques, ensuring sustained growth and success. Her leadership, combined with a data-driven mindset, makes her an invaluable asset to any organization aiming to excel in today’s dynamic marketing landscape.

Osayi Lasisi can provide valuable insights and guidance on a range of strategic marketing and technology questions. Here are some examples of questions she can help to answer:

  1. Strategic Planning:
    • How can we develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that aligns with our business goals?
    • What are the key components of a successful demand generation strategy?
  2. Growth Marketing:
    • What tactics can we use to accelerate our company’s growth in competitive markets?
    • How can we optimize our customer acquisition and retention strategies?
  3. Marketing Technology:
    • Which marketing technologies and tools should we invest in to improve our marketing efficiency?
    • How can we effectively integrate new marketing technologies into our existing processes?
  4. Data-Driven Marketing:
    • What metrics should we track to measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns?
    • How can we use data analytics to inform our marketing decisions and strategies?
  5. B2B and B2C Marketing:
    • What are the differences in approach between B2B and B2C marketing, and how can we tailor our strategies accordingly?
    • How can we create compelling value propositions for different customer segments?
  6. SaaS Product Marketing:
    • What are the best practices for marketing SaaS products to both businesses and consumers?
    • How can we position our SaaS product to stand out in a crowded market?
  7. Leadership and Team Management:
    • How can we foster a collaborative and innovative marketing team culture?
    • What leadership strategies are effective in guiding cross-functional teams towards common goals?
  8. Customer Experience:
    • How can we enhance the customer journey using marketing technology?
    • What strategies can we implement to improve customer engagement and satisfaction?

She has trained and presented in various organizations including:

    • IBM Techconnect
    • Temple University
    • York University
    • Strayer University
    • LEAP Africa CEO forum
    • Social Media Week
    • McPherson University
    • Fastfood Confectioners of Nigeria
    • Philips Business School
    • Futureview Group
    • Capital Bancorp PLC
    • Tech Ladies Webinar
    • Smart Business Teleseminars
    • Eduweb Conference

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