Nobody owes you anything

I once got a job earning $15.50 to do nothing.

It seemed the interviewer and the training manager did not communicate or something, because a few of us began the job while the training manager was on vacation. Instead of asking us to resume when the training manager returned, they instead looked for busy work for us to do. I didn’t mind. It was pretty good money, and after working 40 hrs a week, I had more than enough to pay my rent, utilities, and even afford a few movies and restaurant visits.

After a few months, I found out that I had gotten accepted to my grad school of choice, and on a full scholarship. But the challenge was that I would need to work a different shift at work, and even work at most – part time.

I went up to my supervisor, and asked to speak with her. I told her about how excited I was about this school opportunity, but how committed I was to the job, and how I would be willing to work any amount of time if I could just keep my job.

To which she graciously declined my offer. No there was no part time position, and no I would not keep getting paid to do nothing and go back to school. I had to pick one.

As sweet as the job offer was, I chose school instead.

I felt terrible at the time. I needed money. I always needed money, and now I was losing my sweet job. But they didn’t owe me the job.

I’ve come to realize since then that nobody owes me anything.

You as well, nobody owes you anything. Be thankful if you have great parents. And if you have terrible parents, remember that they too, don’t owe you anything.

Your boss doesn’t owe you anything. Your friends don’t owe you anything, your teachers don’t owe you anything, and your government definitely doesn’t owe you anything.

The only one that owes you something is you.

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