Greed came a’knocking at one, I opened the door and laughed mockingly;
Wine came a’knocking at two, I smiled, shook my head and away I walked;
Anger came a’knocking at three, I paused and paused, then slowly turned away;
Lies came a’knocking at four, I faltered briefly, but  instead said no;
He came a’knocking at five, with empty & silly promises, “not me” I said “not me;”

But he came a’knocking at six,

he came a’knocking with emptier sillier promises,

he came a’knocking with the right sensation — I let him in.

It’s often easy to tell people how to fix their lives, because their particular temptation may not be yours. But when we experience our own unique brand of temptation that makes us fall – the kind of fall that makes us beg, plead and grovel for mercy – we find that it is much easier to be gracious.

There’s never an excuse for sin. But I’m glad I serve a gracious God.

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