So much to say- Fantastic websites!

There’s just so much I want to say…

God is good. No God is Great. No God is Superfantabulously amazing. He loves me and that’s all I need.

Also I want to share some of my favorite websites with you

(the information you can get from these sites is worth thousands of dollars $$$— but its free/cheap)

  1. – you can hire a virtual assistant or a web designer – cheap
  2. – you can learn all you need to know about creating useful blogs
  3. – you can learn about the truth of God’s love (almost everything is free to order & download)
  4. – you can check your credit score for FREE any time any day
  5. – you can write and publish or download free children’s ebooks
  6. – The Entrepreneur’s handbook (need I say more)
  7. – It’s like goodwill at your doorstep
  8. – learn any language free
  9. – design inspiration and tutorials
  10. Your local public library’s website- you can download hundreds of free ebooks & Audiobooks (Philly)(Columbia)(Charlotte)


p.s. I heart local libraries…ahhh

Enjoy! Share! and Have a great day!