I recently moved to a new neighborhood, and I love it! It’s a bit on the expensive side for me (especially when I compare it to what I spent in a four bedroom apartment shared with three other ladies in college), but it has been a great experience. There’s a gym, a little pool, a nice laundry room, and whenever I need the repair folks, they are at my apartment within 24 hours. Oh did I mention that it’s nice and quiet around here, right around the corner from my favorite library, and across the street from all my favorite stores…yes I guess it would be my version of heaven on earth…and as I said earlier I’m paying a bit of money for this privilege.

In contrast, I’m creating a website for a new business venture. It was a bit complex and I knew it would be very expensive, so I decided to outsource it. We came up with a deal – 3 weeks, 30 hours a week and my website will be completed (in all it’s glory). I would pay 1/3 as a deposit, and then pay the rest when the project was completed. I was so excited! I paid the deposit, then paid a little extra when they explained to me that they were in dire straits…

It has now been 11 weeks, and my website is still not completed. Whenever they give me a draft I find myself asking for multiple edits. My dilemma now is should I just leave everything and walk away and start all over again with someone else? or should I just wait for them to complete it some time between now and the year 2027?

Either way, you get what you pay for…

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