Episode 0015 – Guest Expert – Kate Parsons – Online Courses

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In this episode we talk about

– The importance of having multiple revenue streams and how online courses are an excellent way for accomplishing that.

– The Process of Creating an online course

  • – Finding that skill that you can turn into a course
  • – How to build relationships so you’re not lonely in your business
  • – Why you should consider building an online course and the steps to take

About Kate

I have been an educator for over ten years, working in the public schools, higher education, and online learning. My passion for online learning has increased over the years, as I have seen how incredible it is to build relationships with people from all over the globe. Currently, I run a home-based business where I teach entrepreneurs how to create online courses to build their brand, increase their revenue, and grow their businesses. I also teach English as a Foreign Language to children living in China. It’s an amazing opportunity to work with children on the other side of the world! I also tutor students in the United States in a variety of subjects through Varsity Tutors, using a virtual platform to connect with students of all ages throughout the country.

Connect with Kate

facebook.com/kpedconsulting (biz page)
facebook.com/katep830 (personal profile)


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