TWENTY-NINE (57 Ways to Beat Loneliness & Depression)

Set Goals (with plans to accomplish goals)

There are many things we wish would happen. I often wish that I could have so much money that I would never have to worry about money, or that I knew who my future husband will be (so that when some random guy came up to him I could just smile and say “no thanks”), or that carrot cake cupcake with almond sprinkles would not taste  oh so delicious (or that if they continued tasting delicious then at least they would be zero calories). But wishing and setting goals are two completely different things.

When we decide to lose weight, or to stop a bad habit, or to spend more time with family, if we don’t have a plan to accomplish what we have set out to do, then what we are doing is just wishing. When we are serious about accomplishing something, we must create a goal, and come up with a plan to help us accomplish that goal.

I know there are probably hundreds of things you would like to do, or change, or become, but we must start with one. Just one. There is incredible power in focus. So pick one thing you would like to do, and give your self a month to accomplish this goal (or at least a major part of the goal), and then go ahead and do just that! And watch your confidence sky rocket!

Remember life is meant to be amazingly surprising!

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