Have you met my beautiful daughter? She is the most beautiful young lady in the whole wide world, and I’m just giving you an unbiased opinion. (lol)

The funny thing is although she is perfect, and she came into the world perfect, I have spent countless hours teaching her pretty much everything she knows. Can you imagine that I had to teach her to walk, and use the potty, and speak English, and do all these things that we all know how to do…

So I know by now you’re shaking your head and wondering what is wrong with me… well that is how some of us treat the online business world – we expect that because we have experience in something else, working online should be easy peasy, and that everything should just figure itself out…well it doesn’t quite work out that way.


Here are 3 things that you may be thinking, that would greatly harm your success in the online world.

  1. You think that you can make passive income automatically – I get it, you’re busy, you want something that can start generating income immediately, but it doesn’t work like that at first. At first you need to put in the blood, sweat and tears, then later on you can relax.
  2. You think if it’s not super easy it’s not meant to be – I don’t believe in “hard work” I believe in work. I believe in doing work, and with the online world, just as with any business world, there’s always a lot of work to be done. Expecting it to be easy will only hurt you when things get more challenging.
  3. You think the strategies are the most important thing – Strategies are great! and they will help you get from point A to Point J quickly but they are not the most important thing.

So what is the most important thing? – The most important thing is believing you can do it, and realizing that there is a solution out there for you.

See in the end it all comes back to what you believe. There will be a lot of work involved, there will be a lot of challenges, there will be naysayers, and worriers and misunderstanders, but you just have to decide whether you want the power to decide your future, or you want someone else to make that decision.

One of the important steps for success online is to pick the right thing to sell, the right topic to address, the right problem to solve.

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