38 Critical Books for Business Owners

There was a recent article on Copyblogger entitled:

38 Critical Books Every Blogger Needs to Read

But it’s not just for bloggers, it’s for any business person.

They broke the books into categories like how to think like an entrepreneur, making the most of your day, etc.

Some of the books are:


  1. Outliers*: by Malcolm Gladwell, an amazing life-changing book about what it means to be exceptional.
  2. The Tipping Point*: by Malcolm Gladwell, one of my personal favorites.
  3. Switch*: by Dan and Chip Heath, a great book about how to change things in your business (or in life) effectively and efficiently

So check out the list of books, I am certainly adding many of these books to my reading list for 2011.


*These are all affiliate links. i.e. I get a portion of the proceeds of sales.