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Forty-two (57 Ways to Beat Loneliness & Depression)

Make new friends

I made a new friend (at work) last week. I just happened to run into her and I asked her what her name was. The next day I casually asked her what she was interested in, and we struck up a conversation. I even ended up introducing her to another friend who was currently working in the field she was interested in.

Now every time I see my new friend she smiles and talks a little. She used to keep to herself and look sad most of the day, but now she smiles. How exciting! I’m excited for her because she’s probably glad to finally be able to talk to someone at work. But I’m also excited for me because I’m learning about the complexity of people and their lives. It’s easy to make fun of the guy that stares at you at work until you realize that he has complicated family issues that he has to deal with every night when he gets home (and sometimes during lunch breaks).

Investing in people is ALWAYS worth it! And it always yields a 100% return.

Remember life is best when serving others.

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