When good people die – The Final Summit Book Review

Today Amy Winehouse was found dead. So sad. She was too young. But no one can say they were surprised by news of her death. Yes we were saddened, but we were definitely not surprised.

On the other hand, when people are busy serving God, and seem to be in prime health die, we are tempted to mourn and weep and ask God why. We forget that God doesn’t cause people’s death. In our grief we question everything we ever believed.

This is the place that David Ponder (The Final Summit’s main character) finds himself in the beginning of the book. His wife of 28 years is dead, and with her is all his hope, confidence and will for living. He forgets the wisdom he had learned throughout his life. He forgets about how much God loved him. He forgets about his amazing visits with Angels and the other travelers (Winston Churchill, Anne Frank etc.)

Thankfully things happen to show Ponder that his life is meaningful!

(Perhaps that’s what happens when you realize that the fate of humanity rests in your hands.)

Now do I believe that some of the “travelers” in the book will actually be in heaven? Probably not, but that’s why this is a work of fiction. Do I believe that the Archangels actually have the attitudes in the book? Probably not, as I said earlier, it is a work of fiction. Would I suggest you read the book? Yes definitely! It’s a great encouraging book full of wisdom.

* Thomas Nelson Provided me with a free copy to review

The Final Summit is an excellent book, written by Andy Andrews