I know you all enjoyed the series on “finding the one” but I thought that we could take a break from that series to address something that many people have been asking for…which is: if many people are looking for the one because they are so lonely,  “how do you stop being lonely?’

Well my dear – here are 57 tips….

ONE.  (57 Ways to Beat Loneliness & Depression)

CRUSH your biological clock!!!!

One of the hardest things for us women is wondering whether or not we will be able to have kids after we get mar

ried.We buy the lie that if we don’t have kids in our twenties then our kids will be retarded, or we

will not be able to run around and have fun with them – that’s a lie!

We are all living longer more youthful lives…yes your child’s life would be much different if you have them at 20 compared to if you have them at 40, but don’t let the fear of what “could be” stop you from enjoying the life you have. Crush that clock and forget about those fears and concerns.

Remember that life is meant to be enjoyed – not tolerated!

What else would you suggest to help with loneliness?

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