(2) Embrace boredom – Beat loneliness

TWO. (57 Ways to Beat Loneliness & Depression)

Embrace boredom

For some reason we hate being bored. We look for something to fill up every second of our day – TV, internet, books, etc.  We fear what would happen if we got bored. But what we don’t realize is that boredom is good for us. When we sit and let our minds wonder and just think about things, we come up with solutions we would never have thought of, and we get ideas to do creative things.

Of course don’t spend so much time staring into space that you do nothing, but give yourself time to be bored, you will be surprised to realize that you won’t stay bored for too long.

Remember life is meant to be enjoyed, not just survived.

So how has embracing boredom worked for you?

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