I can talk about how much God loves you until my face turns blue. I can show you how many times you were scared of what would h

appen in the future and how things worked out so much better than you could ever have expected. I can tell you about how smiling and laughing will make you a more positive person.

I can tell you that the devil wants to destroy you, but you are doing a better job of destroying yourself.

But when all is said and done, I can’t change you because you like being depressed. Admit it. It feels great to be depressed, to cry and be mean too people, because after all you are at a very emotional time. You can decide to stop exercising, or not eat healthy, I mean you are depressed what else do people expect from you.

Yes it feels great now, but it will destroy you later. You have to decide to be happy no matter what. You have to decide to trust God no matter what. You have to choose.

Remember as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. So if you think you have no control over your feelings, then you don’t. But if you choose to think happy thoughts and focus on the good things, good things will continue to happen.

Why not do something this week that you’ve never done before. Pay attention to your feelings. If you feel yourself getting sad, talk to yourself about how happy you are, think happy thoughts and force yourself to smile.

Have a great week my dear.

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