I wanted to highlight this group that is near and dear to my heart. I am amazed by what they do, with their limited resources.

Missions Directors – Pastors Darey & Karen Jolley

In 1990, on our first mission trip to Nigeria, Africa, the Lord spoke to Karen, “Does anyone have compassion or care for my people?” Karen responded, “Lord, I do.” and it was then that the Lord spoke to us to give our lives up for the Nations. Then, in 1993, the Lord called us to full missionary work and gave us Ambassadors To the Nations. Pastors Darey & Karen have been taking mission teams, building churches, schools, medical clinics and raising up Bible Colleges in Nicaragua, Mexico, Guatemala, Nigeria, Cuba and many other countries. We take to heart the scripture in Psalms 2:8, and try our best to see this come to pass in the lives of the people we work with.


*** All contributions to the Ambassador’s Child Sponsorship Program are used to support the children’s needs.  None of the funds are used for administrative costs

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