Girls Life Application Study Bible

List Price: 39.99
Sale Price: 29.97
ISBN: 978-1-4143-3397-7
Trim Size: 5 3/8 x 8 3/8
Binding: LeatherLike, Glittery Grape Butterfly
Release: March 2010


  • “What Now?” Learn how to make good choices in tough times
  • “I Survived!” Personal survival stories from older teens about how they made it
  • “Amazing Facts” Bible trivia
  • “At a Glance”—the lives of famous women in the Bible—good and bad—become lessons for teens
  • “Is It OK?” A reality check on what the Bible says about the questions that are really on your mind
  • 2-color interior; 16 pages of full-color illustrations about Bible times
  • Book introductions and timelines
  • Charts and 3-dimensional maps

So I’m a 100% KJV (King James Version) fan, because I feel that Bibles that try to make the truth too simple take away from it. Nevertheless, if we are to have a simple English version, then NLT (New Living Translation) is not bad at all. I would even go as far as saying that it is actually a pretty decent translation.

With all that said, my first reaction is that this is a very nice Bible*. It’s pink and purple combination is quite aesthetically pleasing (aka cool). I wrote in one of my other book reviews how much I enjoy reading pink books, and Tyndale must have read my blog, because here they are with another great pink book.

The additional features listed above are quite phenomenal…the timelines the way Bible lessons are applied to the kinds of challenges that a young girl would face etc. shows that a lot of time was put into this Bible. I could definitely relate to some of the stories and I could see young girls relating to the stories as well…this will be a great addition to your library…I know my little cousin will enjoy her new (read “my new”) copy.

For more information and to purchase this book Click here.
* Tyndale provided me with a free copy to review

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