Friends, Romans, Countrymen – Beginning |

So anyone who knows me knows how much I love the book of Romans.

The first time I started actually studying the book of Romans, I began to understand the rest of the Bible. So anyway I have begun  studying the book of Romans again and I thought I would share some insights with you – of course it will not be thorough, I will just share a verse or two that stand out to me in each blog post. Please let me know what you think.

So of course let’s start from the beginning.

Romans 1

Romans 1:1 Here Paul establishes himself as called by Jesus; to be an apostle. He was not doing what he was doing just because he felt like it or because he had bills to pay, or because his parents would have been disappointed otherwise, instead he was doing what God had called him to do.

So it got me to thinking… am I doing what God has called me to do? Are  you?