Meditation: As I talked about in an earlier post, I’ve been working on praying more and spending more time with God. So the first truth I decided to meditate on was “I am a child of God.” It’s such a simple but extremely powerful truth…

I was thinking about my Sister in law and my 4-year old niece, and how she disciplines my niece, but always remembers to smile whenever they are talking. I remember when my niece was having a bad attitude and my sis in law started calling her “sweetie” and the more she called her sweet and angelic names, the more angelic my niece became. I remember that there were times when they would do things together, like baking, and “cooking,” things that my niece absolutely enjoyed doing, which seemed like a hassle to me, but my sis in law also thoroughly enjoyed it – mainly because she was spending time with her daughter…

So when I think about being a child of God, all I can do is smile. How wonderful to be his child. To think that God goes through “inconveniences” just so he can spend time with me… To think that God calls me sweet and angelic names to show me who I am supposed to be… To think that God loves me and wants to provide every need and desire for me… Why would I stress myself out about the other things that are disturbing me? Why would I think that I have to fight my own battles?

After all


And all I can do is smile 🙂

Faces of Ethiopia

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