I don't like my lunch

I’m sitting in the break room with my lunch buddy at work and I take out my lunch, and a look of disappointment is on my face. I don’t like my lunch. The veggies smell funny, and I’m not in the mood for a wrap, I want some rice instead. I warm up my lunch looking really sad and wondering if I will ever get something I like for lunch instead of this unappetizing stuff I always seem to find in my lunch bag…

Sooo you may be wondering, why don’t I just tell whoever makes my lunch not to put “unappetizing” food in my lunch bag…yeah well it may surprise you to know that I am the one who actually makes my lunch every morning, or the night before. And I am the one who goes grocery shopping and picks the items that I will fill my refrigerator with, which ends up being what ends up in my lunch bag…I know I know by this time you think that I am just a silly silly woman! Whatever! (sniff) you just don’t understand…

But don’t we all do the same thing…we show up for a job we don’t like every morning as if we are forced to be there. We spend money we don’t have, then frown and get disappointed when we get the credit card bill. We stay in a relationship that is not that great just because we don’t want to be alone, then get disappointed when things don’t work out as we expected them to.

Why don’t you do something this week that you have never done before…take an inventory of your life and find something that you don’t like and is not a positive experience – your weight, a relationship (friend, family etc.), your job, your money – and do something about it.

Remember as a man thinks in his heart, so is he…so if you think that you are miserable and you will always be miserable, then you are. But if you think that you can change that thing that is causing you misery to something positive, then you can.

Have a great week my dear!