It’s almost 2011 and I’m thinking of all my new year’s resolutions…one thing that comes to mind is writing more…writing better…writing clearer…

So I thought I would make a list of 3 common grammatical errors that we should try to avoid in the new year

We often use the first word when we really mean the second word.

  1. Your instead of You’re– as in You’re the best, this is a contraction of You are, while “Your” is possessive like My (i.e. your sweater, my sweater)
  2. There instead of Their – as in Their car, this is possessive- they own the car, while “There” means not here.
  3. Loose instead of Lose – as in I’m about to lose my mind (you probably already lost it), while “Loose” means not restricted…i.e you may lose your keys, but you may have a loose key on your table

Have a spectacular new year! I wish you better than your wildest dreams! Thanks for sharing 2010 with me and making it such a great year.

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