I Should Have Won

My short-film career has had some disappointing set backs.

I knew I was a phenomenal “short-filmer” and I needed to share this gift with the world (sarcasm).

I decided to enter three competitions and I was sure that I would place in at least two of the three.

I prayed for favor and was full of faith for all three, but I had some unbelief with regards to the third. So even though my faith was high for the third, my unbelief seemed to be drowning out my faith…but I held on to hope.

Needless to say…I lost all three!

So did God fail me??? – Did he not answer my prayers or did he answer the three prayers with a loud and final NO!!!

The Bible says: Ask and you will receive (Luke 11:9-12) not sometimes or most times, but all the time…Ask and you will receive. As long as you ask according to the will of God and you have faith, even as small as a mustard seed, and you have worked on eliminating your unbelief, then you will receive an answer to your prayers…And since God is always consistent (Hebrews 13:8) and his answers are always yes (2 Corinthians 1:20), then it must be that he never answers with a “No.”

Whenever we pray, God’s power is released (Daniel 9-10), but our ability to receive depends on various things:

  1. God’s will (James 4)
  2. Our faith (Luke 17:6)
  3. Our unbelief (Matthew 17:14-22)
  4. Demonic attacks (Daniel 10:1-14)

With this knowledge I will pray more wisely for any other competition I enter, but of course I will never give up because I believe in Deuteronomy 28: 1-14.

Check out Andrew Wommack’s teaching on Prayer and Faith.

How about you- can you remember a time you prayed and were full of faith, but you did not get it?

What other reasons are there for “un-received” prayers?