I was watching a movie the other day and there was this guy who gets “adopted” by an anonymous wealthy benefactor, and tells him (through the attorney) that he can buy anything he desires. And so this guy goes on a buying rampage – rents a place, buys expensive clothes, shoes, books, joins expensive clubs etc. Then he ignores his old friends because they cannot spend as much money as he can, and they are not quite as “sophisticated” as he is (I mean of course everyone should know how to use a fork and knife – *cue sarcasm*)

But as you can expect, the benefactor eventually dies, so the guy loses all the money, and then all his debtors come to collect their money, and when they realize he doesn’t have the money to pay, the have him sent to jail. And then out of the blue, one of his oldest and dearest friends spends all his life savings to pay for the debts and get him out of jail. The guy kept trying to thank his friend, kept trying to explain that he will pay back everything. His friend kept telling him that he was welcome, and finally after the millionth thank you, he sighed and said “it’s just money.”

Wow! when I heard that line, I thought to myself, man I need friends like that… and than I wondered, could I be a friend like that?

I’ve been thinking about money a lot lately (boy doesn’t everybody). It seems no matter how much you have, you can always envision having more. Whether you see it as a “need-to-have” or a “like-to-have” money continues to be a very important part of our lives, motivations and desires…

But perhaps I don’t need to worry so much about money. Perhaps things will find a way of figuring themselves out, as they always have. Perhaps my challenges are not really that big, since after everything is said and done it’s just money. It comes, it goes, it comes again…

money tree

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