I get angry sometimes, and all I just want to scream is “It’s not fair.”

But life is not fair…

The other day, I saw a child about 3 years old, helping his mother carrying the kind of load that I wouldn’t even carry myself. I was furious at the mother, but then I thought, I wonder what other options she had… I wonder why she chose to have her child help her with that load… it didn’t seem fair that a 3-year old child would be made to do the kind of work that even adults run away from… but life is not fair…

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The other day, I was driving past a bus stop and two ladies were screaming at themselves. Apparently one lady hit the other lady, and caused some damage, and the first lady wasn’t willing to take responsibility. The other lady was very angry, and she kept talking about how the lady hurt her…”it’s not fair” she kept repeating, but then again, life is not fair…

Whenever I get upset with my friends of family members I think about how unfair it is for me to be wronged, for me to suffer pain, I don’t really think too much about how unfair it may be for them, or whether they are suffering as well… It’s easy for me to say to others, in their pain, that life is not fair… while I scream for fairness whenever I’m in pain.

So please be patient with yourself. When people do things to wrong you, try to let it go, yeah you may be right, but sometimes, life is not fair. And when you see people suffering, and you wish you could solve their problems, just remember that life is not fair… Do what you can, and leave the rest alone…

Have a restful week!

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