Hey Single lady with “grown folk bills”…would you like to save some money this Christmas?

Yes I said it! I know it sounds Impossible (but you know how I feel about that word)…anyway, are you excited about saving money?


I know, I know… it’s Christmas time again and yes again you’re not prepared for all the presents you ABSOLUTELY have to buy…well I have some solutions for ya!

  1. You can be like me and just not buy presents for anyone…this takes all the pressure away and if you decide to later buy something for someone, it will truly be a gift, and not an obligation.
  2. Choose one or two people to buy presents for…this will be challenging since some people will feel offended that they did not make the cut, but hey it’s your money! You decide what you want to do with it.
  3. Get creative on your choice of presents or the way you wrap and gift your presents to others
  • You can create your own gift boxes by finding templates online, and using paper you purchase from the store, or using any paper (including newspapers) you find around your house.
  • Trader Joe’s has gift tags on their new holiday shopping bags, which will be a great alternative for you. It will look very stylish and authentic.

save money, save money, save money! 🙂

Please leave a comment to let me know how it goes…
Oh and please let me know what you plan to get me this Christmas as well! I’ll be waiting expectantly! 😀

For free templates Google: Free gift box templates

For more inspiration Google: Trader Joe’s holiday bag

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